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Beanie News & Bargains

2nd Wave Of Princesses hits retailers!

                    There are 2 changes in the 2nd wave.  First, the stem on the rose of the 2nd wave princesses is a LIGHTER green.  Secondly, there is now a poem on the swing tag.

Rainbow & Iggy's Tags!

                        Ty has confirmed that the first shipment of Rainbows & Iggys went out with their swing & tush tags reversed.  The company is correcting this, but states that errors may still exist in future shipments.

                     Erin Will be Hitting stores soon!

                        Stores were allowed to only order 12 per shipment so undoubtly demand will exceed supply!

Beanie (Current)  Bargains

Beanie Availiable? Price
Erin No
Baldy Yes $7.00
Batty No
Bernie Yes $7.00
Blackie No
Blizzard No
Bones No
Bongo Yes $7.00
Britannia No
Bruno Yes $15.00
Chip Yes $8.00
Chocolate Yes $8.00
Claude No
Congo Yes $7.00
Crunch Yes $7.00
Daisy No
Derby (old fine mane) Yes $200.00
Doby Yes $7.00
Dotty No
Ears Yes $7.00
Echo No
Fleece No
Floppity Yes $7.00
Freckles Yes $7.00
Gobbles No
Gracie Yes $7.00
Happy Yes $7.00
Hippity Yes $7.00
Hissy Yes $15.00
Hoppity Yes $7.00
Iggy w/ rainbow tag Yes $20.00
Inch Yes $7.00
Inky Yes $7.00
Jolly No
Lucky No
Maple Yes $150.00
Mel Yes $8.00
Mystic old horn Yes $15.00
Nanook Yes $7.00
Nuts Yes $7.00
Patti Yes $7.00
Peace Yes $40.00
Peanut Yes $7.00
Pinchers Yes $7.00
Pinky Yes $9.00
Pouch Yes $7.00
Pounce Yes $15.00
Prance Yes $15.00
Princess(1st ed) Yes $250.00
Puffer Yes $15.00
Pugsly Yes $8.00
Quackers Yes $7.00
Rainbow w/ Iggy tag Yes $20.00
Ringo No
Roary Yes $8.00
Rover No
Scoop No
Scottie No
Seaweed Yes $8.00
Sly Yes $8.00
Smoochy Yes $15.00
Snip Yes $8.00
Snort No
Spike Yes $8.00
Spinner No
Spunky Yes $15.00
Squealer Yes $7.00
Stinky Yes $7.00
Stretch Yes $18.00
Stripes Yes $8.00
Strut Yes $10.00
Tuffy Yes $7.00
Twigs Yes $8.00
Valentino Yes $20.00
Waddle No
Waves No
Weenie No
Wrinkles Yes $8.00
Ziggy No
Zip Yes $8.00


Retired Beanie Bargains

1997 Teddy Yes $25.00
Ally Yes $25.00
Bessie Yes $25.00
Bronty No
Bubbles No
Bucky Yes $25.00
Bumble No
Caw No
Chilly No
Chops No
Coral No
Digger No
Doodle Yes $40.00
Flash No
Flip Yes $30.00
Flutter No
Garcia No
Goldie Yes $20.00
Grunt No
Hoot "qutie eror" Yes $30.00
Humphrey No
Kiwi No
Lefty No
Legs Yes $20.00
Libearty No
Lizzy Yes $15.00
Magic Yes $20.00
Manny No
Nip Yes $20.00
Peking No
Radar No
Rex No
Righty No
seamore No
Slither No
Snowball Yes $20.00
Sparky No
Speedy Yes $20.00
Splash No
Spooky(glued on mouth) Yes $75.00
Spot Yes $30.00
Steg No
Sting No
Tabasco No
Tank(9 ribs) Yes $60.00
Teddy No
Trap No
Tusk No
Velvet Yes $20.00
Web No

Currently Buying/Trading for:

Erin, Britannia, Peace, all Retireds especially sting, Garcia!
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