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SLU Specials & News

SLU Specials & News

The newest developments in the SLU world are the 12 inch Cooperstown Collection, and the 1996 Basketball & Hockey issues. The Cooperstown Figures include Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth (Yankees), Lou Gehrig, and Cy Young as well as 2 exclusive figures. The exclusives are a Kay-Bee Only Babe Ruth in a Red Sox Uniform and a Toys R Us Only Honus Wagner. These Figures are fully posable, and come with a wooden bat & cloth uniform.

Short Packed figures in the 96 Basketball include: Sean Elliott, Vin Baker, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Tyrone Hill, Jamal Mashburn, Gary Payton, Dino Radja, Bryant Reeves, Mitch Richmond, Rik Smits, Clyde Drexler, Kevin Garnett, Juwan Howard, Larry Johnson, Eddie Jones, Jason Kidd, Karl Malone, Antonio McDyess, Pooh Richardson & Glenn Robinson. These figures are all found in only 1 of the 4 case assortments. They are sure to go up accordingly.

Current Specials

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